Component Authentication

Electronic Component Authentication Services

Testing for authenitcity and safety of components

At Serendipity Electronics, we offer an extensive suite of component authentication and electrical testing services, ensuring the highest quality and reliability for parts sourced from us or other vendors.

Our state-of-the-art authentication and testing processes are designed to rigorously verify component integrity and functionality, delivering peace of mind in every transaction.

Get Your Electrical Components Tested


  • AS6081 Level A & Level C Electrical Testing: Rigorous testing protocols to assess component performance under various electrical conditions.
  • AS6171 Risk Models: Evaluations from very low to moderate risk to ensure component authenticity and operational reliability.
  • Visual Optical Inspection: Detailed inspections to detect any physical anomalies or deviations from specifications.
  • Dimensional Verification: Precise measurements to ensure components meet all specified dimensions.
  • Solvency / Mark Permanency Tests: Ensures markings are permanent and resistant to solvents, indicating genuine parts.
  • Scrape Testing: Verifies the integrity of component surfaces against scraping, indicative of original manufacturing standards.
  • X-ray Radiography and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF): Internal inspection to identify internal structure and material composition.
  • Heated Solvency Test – Dynasolve/1M2P: Tests the component’s resistance to chemicals under heated conditions, ensuring durability.
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX): Microscopic imaging and elemental analysis for thorough material characterization.
  • Package Decapsulation: Reveals internal construction to verify chip authenticity.


  • AC/DC Testing and Functional Testing: Validate the electrical functionality of components under varied power conditions.
  • Curve Tracing: Determines the current-voltage characteristics of an electronic component in a circuit.
  • J-Tag Boundary Scanning: Non-invasive testing to check the integrity of circuits and diagnose complex board issues.
  • Thermal Cycling and Thermal Shock: Tests components’ durability under extreme temperature variations to ensure long-term reliability.


  • Bake and Dry Pack: Moisture-sensitive components are preserved to prevent damage during storage and transit.
  • Solderability Testing and BGA Re-Balling: Assesses component’s ability to be effectively soldered and offers ball grid array reballing services.
  • Plating Thickness Testing and Wetting Balance Solder Testing: Ensures the plating is within specification and assesses the solderability of components.
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Detects hidden flaws or delaminations within the components.
  • Tape and Reel and Co-Planarity Testing: Packaging services that ensure components are ready for assembly and meet flatness specifications.

Leveraging these comprehensive services, Serendipity Electronics continues to set the standard for reliability and trust in electronic component distribution, making us your ideal partner for ensuring the authenticity and performance of every component in your inventory.

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