Introducing the pinnacle of connection solutions: the 13655521 ASM CONN 20 F DCS-2 1.5 BLK by APTIV. This meticulously engineered connector is designed to deliver unparalleled reliability and efficiency, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications in the automotive and industrial sectors. With its robust build and innovative features, the 13655521 connector is set to redefine the standards of connectivity.

Crafted with precision, the 13655521 ASM CONN showcases a female connector configuration, equipped with 20 contact points, ensuring a secure and stable connection for your electrical systems. The DCS-2 1.5 designation highlights its compatibility with the DCS-2 (Delphi Connection Systems) series, known for their high performance and adaptability, and the 1.5 mm terminal size, which guarantees a compact yet powerful connection solution.

The connector’s body is encased in a high-quality, black housing, made from durable materials that offer excellent resistance against heat, corrosion, and environmental factors, ensuring your connections remain secure in the most demanding conditions. This resilience makes the 13655521 ASM CONN an ideal choice for automotive applications, where reliability is paramount, from engine compartments to advanced electronic systems.

APTIV’s commitment to innovation is evident in the design of the 13655521 connector. It features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the installation process, making it accessible for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The connector also incorporates several safety features, including secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnections and a coding system to ensure correct alignment and insertion, reducing the risk of miswiring.

For those seeking a dependable and efficient connection solution, the 13655521 ASM CONN 20 F DCS-2 1.5 BLK by APTIV stands out as an exemplary choice. Its combination of durability, ease of use, and advanced technology makes it an essential component for any project requiring high-quality connections. Whether you’re working on automotive electronics, industrial machinery, or any application that demands the best in connectivity, the 13655521 connector delivers performance you can trust.

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