Product Description

Introducing the 33260673 ASM SUBH COAX MULTI L2213.00 B1 from APTIV – a cutting-edge, highly reliable coaxial cable assembly designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern automotive and industrial applications. This exceptional product is engineered to ensure superior performance, durability, and signal integrity in a wide range of environments, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

– Model Number: 33260673
– Length: L2213.00 mm, providing ample length for various installation needs.
– Revision: B1, indicating an updated and optimized version for improved performance.
– Manufacturer: APTIV, a leader in connectivity and mobility solutions.

Design Excellence:
The 33260673 is meticulously crafted with precision and quality. Its robust design is focused on delivering exceptional signal transmission capabilities. The coaxial structure is optimized for minimal signal loss, ensuring that your connections are both stable and reliable. Encased in a durable sheathing, this cable assembly is resistant to environmental stressors such as heat, moisture, and mechanical wear, making it a dependable choice for both automotive and industrial applications.

Advanced Technology:
APTIV’s commitment to innovation is evident in the 33260673 ASM SUBH COAX MULTI. This product incorporates advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to achieve outstanding performance characteristics. Its highly efficient design promotes signal integrity and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI), providing clear and reliable communication in even the most challenging conditions.

The flexible design and optimal length of the 33260673 make it incredibly versatile. It is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including infotainment systems, navigation, vehicle safety and security systems, and much more. Whether you’re integrating complex systems in an automotive setting or requiring high-quality signal transmission in industrial applications, this coaxial cable assembly delivers.

When choosing APTIV’s 33260673, you’re not just getting a product; you’re investing in peace of mind. Known for their rigorous testing and quality control, APTIV ensures that each cable assembly meets the highest standards of reliability and performance.

In summary, the 33260673 ASM SUBH COAX MULTI L2213.00 B1 by APTIV is a superior choice for professionals who require the best in connectivity solutions. With its advanced design, exceptional quality, and versatile application, it stands out as a top-tier product in the market.

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