Introducing the MS24264R14B4PN, a high-precision, rugged receptacle plug designed to meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace and defense industries. This 4-position circular connector, manufactured by Cinch, is engineered for reliability and performance in the most demanding environments.

Crafted with a keen eye for durability and functionality, the MS242124R14B4PN receptacle plug features a robust design that ensures a secure and stable connection. The plug’s shell is made from high-grade materials that offer exceptional resistance to corrosion, vibration, and shock, making it an ideal choice for applications where reliability is paramount. Its compact size and efficient design allow for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring a seamless fit into a wide range of systems and equipment.

The connector’s 4-position configuration is designed to facilitate efficient power and signal transmission, supporting a variety of electrical requirements. This versatility makes the MS24264R14B4PN perfectly suited for use in a wide array of applications, from avionics and military communications systems to industrial controls and sophisticated electronic devices.

One of the standout features of this receptacle plug is its compatibility with a range of accessories and backshells, providing users with the flexibility to customize their connectivity solutions according to specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the MS24264R14B4PN is designed to meet the stringent specifications of MIL-DTL-26500, ensuring it meets the highest standards for quality and performance.

The environmental sealing of the MS24264R14B4PN ensures that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor and field applications, where exposure to the elements is a concern.

In summary, the MS24264R14B4PN receptacle plug from Cinch is a top-of-the-line connectivity solution that offers unparalleled reliability, durability, and flexibility. Whether for aerospace, defense, industrial, or advanced electronics applications, this connector is designed to provide a secure, stable connection that keeps your systems running smoothly under any circumstances.

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