Introducing the latest in high-quality cable solutions: the 0.35-22B2RD/BG RED TAN (BGE) 0.35 Coficab/Cordaflex. This exceptional product stands out in the market for its superior durability, flexibility, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of electrical applications.

Crafted by Coficab, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automotive wires and cables, the 0.35-22B2RD/BG RED TAN (BGE) model is part of the Cordaflex series, known for its high performance under demanding conditions. This specific cable features a 0.35mm² cross-sectional area, ensuring efficient conductivity and robust performance for both low and medium voltage requirements.

The RED TAN (BGE) color scheme is not just for aesthetics; it’s designed for easy identification during installation and maintenance, reducing the risk of errors in complex wiring systems. This thoughtful design consideration demonstrates Coficab’s commitment to user-friendly products.

What sets the 0.35-22B2RD/BG RED TAN (BGE) 0.35 Coficab/Cordaflex apart is its exceptional construction. The cable core is made from high-quality copper, providing excellent electrical conductivity and low resistance. This core is protected by a premium insulation material that not only withstands high temperatures but also resists common chemicals, oils, and abrasion, ensuring long-term durability and safety.

Moreover, the flexibility of this cable is unparalleled. It is designed to be easily routed through tight spaces and around sharp corners without compromising the integrity of the cable. This flexibility, combined with the cable’s strength, makes it an excellent choice for automotive applications, industrial machinery, and any setup requiring reliable and durable wiring solutions.

In summary, the 0.35-22B2RD/BG RED TAN (BGE) 0.35 Coficab/Cordaflex is a top-tier choice for professionals seeking a high-performance, durable, and flexible cable. Its superior materials, thoughtful design, and versatile application make it a standout product in the electrical and automotive industries. Whether you’re upgrading existing systems or working on new installations, this cable promises to deliver reliability and efficiency, making your projects smoother and more robust.

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