Introducing the 1.5-32C2WH/BN WHT GRA 1.5 Coficab/Cordaflex – Your Premium Wiring Solution

Elevate your electrical installations with the unparalleled quality of the 1.5-32C2WH/BN WHT GRA 1.5 by Coficab/Cordaflex. Designed with precision engineering and manufactured by industry leaders, this product sets the gold standard in wiring solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Robust Durability

Crafted with the rigors of daily use in mind, the 1.5-32C2WH/BN features a high-grade white sheath that not only provides a clean, professional look but also offers exceptional durability. Resistant to heat, abrasion, and moisture, this cable ensures your installations are secure, safe, and long-lasting under various environmental conditions.

Versatile Applications

Whether you’re wiring a state-of-the-art office building, a modern residential space, or any industrial setting, the versatility of the 1.5-32C2WH/BN makes it the perfect choice. Its 1.5mm² cross-sectional area is ideal for lighting, power, and control circuits, offering reliable performance where it matters most.

Exceptional Electrical Performance

With a conductor material meticulously selected for its electrical conductivity, this cable guarantees efficient power distribution with minimal losses. The 1.5-32C2WH/BN is designed to meet the highest standards of electrical performance, ensuring your installations operate at optimal efficiency.

Safety First

Adhering to stringent safety standards, the 1.5-32C2WH/BN WHT GRA 1.5 is flame retardant, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring the safety of your property and occupants. Its construction is compliant with international regulations, giving you peace of mind that your project meets all necessary safety requirements.

Easy Installation

Thanks to its flexible design and easy-to-strip insulation, installation is quick and hassle-free, saving you time and labor costs. The cable’s unique composition allows for smooth routing through tight spaces, making it an installer’s favorite.


With the 1.5-32C2WH/BN WHT GRA 1.5 Coficab/Cordaflex, you’re not just choosing a cable; you’re investing in a solution that brings reliability, efficiency, and safety to your electrical installations. Embrace the future of electrical wiring with a product that stands out for its excellence and innovation.

This product description assumes a general understanding of the product’s specifications and intended uses, creating a comprehensive overview designed to inform and attract potential users.

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