Product Overview:

Introducing the F16053 Wire, an exceptional offering by Coleman, designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of both UL and SAE GXL standards. This high-quality wire, featuring a 16 AWG size and constructed with a 19/29 strand count of bare copper, is engineered to provide unparalleled electrical conductivity and flexibility. The F16053 model is a testament to Coleman’s commitment to excellence, offering a robust solution for a wide range of automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

Key Features:

– Premium Construction: The F16053 wire boasts a 16 AWG gauge, utilizing 19 strands of 29 gauge bare copper. This intricately stranded design ensures maximum flexibility without compromising strength, making it ideal for installations that require wiring to bend around tight corners or confined spaces.

– High-Performance Insulation: Encased in a high-quality, thick-wall insulation made from a special GXL compound, this wire is built to withstand harsh conditions. The insulation is not only resistant to high temperatures, reaching up to 125°C, but also to abrasions, chemicals, and moisture, ensuring durability and long-term reliability.

– Compliance and Standards: Fully compliant with UL and SAE GXL specifications, the F16053 wire is a reliable choice for safety-critical applications. Its construction and performance meet the stringent requirements set forth by these regulatory bodies, providing peace of mind in its quality and safety.

– Versatile Applications: Designed for versatility, this wire is an ideal choice for automotive wiring, including under-hood and dashboard installations. It’s also well-suited for boats, recreational vehicles, and various industrial applications where high heat resistance and durability are paramount.

– Ease of Use: Despite its durable construction, the F16053 wire is easy to handle and install. Its flexibility allows for easy routing through tight spaces, and its robust insulation is easy to strip, making connections quick and reliable.

Why Choose the F16053 Wire by Coleman?

When it comes to quality, performance, and reliability, the F16053 wire stands out. Its superior construction, meeting the rigorous standards of UL and SAE GXL, makes it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether for automotive, marine, or industrial applications, this wire promises efficiency, safety, and durability. Trust Coleman to keep your projects powered and protected in the most demanding environments.

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