Product Overview:

Introducing the DDZ9678Q-7, a high-performance Zener diode from Diodes Incorporated, designed to offer superior voltage regulation with minimal power loss. This precision Zener diode is a key component for a wide range of electronic applications requiring precise voltage control and regulation. The DDZ9678Q-7 stands out in the market for its reliability, efficiency, and compact size, making it an ideal choice for both complex industrial systems and simple household electronics.

Key Features:

– Voltage Precision: The DDZ9678Q-7 offers a nominal Zener voltage, providing stable and reliable voltage regulation, critical for sensitive electronic circuits. This precision ensures devices operate within their optimal voltage range, safeguarding them against potential damage from voltage fluctuations.

– High Efficiency: Optimized for low thermal resistance, this Zener diode dissipates heat effectively, ensuring that it operates efficiently even under continuous load conditions. Its design minimizes power loss, contributing to the overall efficiency of the electronic device it is part of.

– Robust Durability: Constructed to withstand harsh conditions, the DDZ9678Q-7 is characterized by its robustness. It can tolerate high surge currents and is designed with an excellent stability over its entire temperature range, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

– Compact Form Factor: The DDZ9678Q-7 is encapsulated in a small SOD-123 package, making it an excellent choice for space-constrained applications. Its compact size does not compromise its performance, allowing designers to integrate it into increasingly miniaturized electronic products.

– Versatile Application: From power supply circuits and voltage reference designs to protection circuits in consumer electronics and automotive subsystems, the DDZ9678Q-7’s versatility makes it a go-to component for engineers across various industries.


The DDZ9678Q-7 is widely utilized in an array of applications due to its reliable voltage regulation capabilities. It is indispensable in power management solutions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Furthermore, its precision and durability make it a preferred choice in automotive electronics, industrial control systems, and renewable energy applications, where stability and efficiency are paramount.


The DDZ9678Q-7 from Diodes Incorporated encapsulates the essence of precision, efficiency, and reliability in Zener diode technology. Whether you’re developing the next generation of consumer electronics, automotive systems, or industrial machinery, this Zener diode offers the performance and reliability to meet the most demanding requirements. With its compact footprint, it seamlessly integrates into a variety of design architectures, ensuring that your products not only perform excellently but also stay ahead in the innovation curve.

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