Introducing the TX16/9.6/6.3-3E27 FERRITE FERROXCUBE, a premium quality toroidal ferrite core designed by FERROXCUBE, a leader in magnetic material technology. This ferrite core model, known for its distinctive white color, is engineered to meet the high demands of today’s sophisticated electronic applications. Its unique design and material composition offer an optimal solution for minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and maximizing efficiency in various electronic devices.

The TX16/9.6/6.3-3E27 FERRITE FERROXCUBE features dimensions meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. With an outer diameter of 16mm, an inner diameter of 9.6mm, and a height of 6.3mm, this toroid is specifically designed to facilitate easy installation while providing maximum performance. Its compact size and shape make it ideal for use in space-constrained environments, ensuring that your device maintains a sleek and efficient design.

Constructed from FERROXCUBE’s high-quality 3E27 ferrite material, this toroid offers exceptional magnetic properties. This includes a high permeability and low loss at high frequencies, making it an excellent choice for use in power supplies, transformers, chokes, and other electronic circuits where efficient energy conversion is crucial. The 3E27 material is also known for its stability over a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable performance under varying operating conditions.

The white color of the TX16/9.6/6.3-3E27 not only gives it a unique appearance but also serves as a quick identifier for compatibility and quality assurance purposes. This visual distinction helps in maintaining consistency during assembly and inspection processes, reducing the risk of errors in high-volume production environments.

Ideal for engineers, designers, and manufacturers looking to improve the efficiency and reliability of their products, the TX16/9.6/6.3-3E27 FERRITE FERROXCUBE toroid offers a blend of performance, quality, and ease of use. Whether you’re designing power supplies, filtering circuits, or any application requiring effective EMI suppression and signal integrity, this ferrite core is your go-to solution for achieving optimum performance and compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

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