492 90 088

Product Overview:

Introducing the premium, highly durable 492 90 088 BACKSHELL DT 2POS PA6492-90-0886 BS BLAC from FRAENKISCHE – your ultimate solution for securing and protecting your electrical connections with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Designed with precision and manufactured by FRAENKISCHE, a leader in electrical components, this backshell is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications.

Key Features:

– Model Number: 492 90 088 BACKSHELL DT 2POS PA6492-90-0886 BS BLAC
– Manufacturer: FRAENKISCHE
– Color: Sleek Black
– Material: High-quality, durable material designed for long-lasting use and resistance to wear and environmental conditions.
– Compatibility: Perfectly suited for DT 2 position connectors, providing a secure, tight fit that ensures the optimal performance of your electrical connections.
– Design: This backshell features a compact, ergonomic design that not only simplifies installation but also offers superior protection against dust, moisture, and mechanical stress, ensuring your connections remain safe and reliable in all conditions.
– Ease of Use: Designed for quick and easy installation, this backshell snaps into place with minimal effort, reducing downtime and simplifying maintenance and repairs.


– Enhanced Protection: With its robust construction, the 492 90 088 BACKSHELL offers exceptional protection against environmental hazards such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures, ensuring your connections are safeguarded in even the most challenging conditions.
– Improved Reliability: By securely encasing your connections, this backshell significantly reduces the risk of disconnection due to vibration or mechanical strain, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.
– Versatile Applications: Whether you’re working on automotive wiring, aerospace systems, or industrial machinery, this backshell is designed to meet a wide range of application needs, providing versatility and reliability across projects.
– Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek black design not only adds a level of professional appearance to your installations but also helps in maintaining a clean and organized look, easily blending with other components.


The FRAENKISCHE 492 90 088 BACKSHELL DT 2POS PA6492-90-0886 BS BLAC is an essential component for anyone looking to enhance the durability, reliability, and performance of their electrical connections. With its superior design, high-quality materials, and easy installation, it represents an ideal choice for professionals demanding the very best in electrical connection protection. Invest in this backshell today and experience peace of mind knowing your connections are secure, no matter where they are deployed.

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