Product Description: Glenair Series 220 Circular Connector, Part Number: 220-16E20-41SN

The Glenair Series 220 Circular Connector, particularly model number 220-16E20-41SN, stands as a pinnacle of rugged and reliable interconnect solutions suited for a wide array of demanding environments. This connector is meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of aerospace, military, marine, and industrial applications, providing a blend of performance, durability, and ease of use that is hard to match.

Constructed with an aluminum alloy shell, the 220-16E20-41SN offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring it can withstand harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, moisture, and high levels of vibration. The shell is also electrically conductive, offering excellent EMI shielding to protect sensitive signals from interference, making it an ideal choice for critical communication and navigation systems.

This specific model features a number of 41 contacts, which are made of high-quality copper alloy with a durable nickel plating, guaranteeing reliable electrical connections even in the most challenging situations. The contacts are designed for crimp termination, allowing for a secure and straightforward assembly process. Additionally, the connector’s insert arrangement is designated by the “E20” in its part number, indicating a specific configuration that ensures proper alignment and mating of the connector halves.

The 220-16E20-41SN utilizes a threaded coupling system, providing a robust and secure connection that is resistant to accidental disengagement. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where reliability is critical, such as in aerospace or defense systems where vibrations and other physical stresses are common.

Furthermore, this Glenair connector is designed for easy maintenance and repair, with replaceable contacts and a straightforward disassembly process. This not only extends the life of the connector but also reduces downtime and operational costs.

In summary, the Glenair 220-16E20-41SN Circular Connector is a high-performance, durable solution for those seeking reliable and secure electrical connections in challenging environments. Its robust design, combined with exceptional material quality and engineering excellence, makes it an indispensable component for any application requiring the utmost in connectivity reliability.

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