Product Description: Glenair Series 500-016-M37 Connector

The Glenair Series 500-016-M37 is a high-performance, rugged connector designed to meet the demanding requirements of military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Engineered for reliability and durability, this connector exemplifies Glenair’s commitment to providing superior connectivity solutions that can withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the 500-016-M37 features a robust metal housing that offers exceptional protection against physical impacts, vibration, and shock. Its design adheres to stringent military specifications, ensuring it can perform in the most challenging environments, from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space.

The connector’s shell size 16 with an M37 contact arrangement is designed to accommodate a variety of contact types, including power, signal, and coaxial, providing versatile connectivity options for complex systems. The precision-engineered contacts are made from high-conductivity alloys, delivering reliable electrical performance with low contact resistance, which is critical for maintaining signal integrity in both power and data transmission.

Ease of use is a key feature of the 500-016-M37, with a user-friendly mating mechanism that ensures a secure connection every time. The connector is also equipped with a durable plating that resists corrosion and wear, extending the product’s lifespan even in environments exposed to chemicals, salt spray, and moisture.

For applications requiring electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, the 500-016-M37 delivers exceptional shielding effectiveness, safeguarding sensitive electronic systems from external noise and ensuring uninterrupted performance. Its environmental sealing protects against ingress of dust and water, further enhancing its reliability in outdoor or uncontrolled environments.

The Glenair Series 500-016-M37 connector is not just a component; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for critical applications where failure is not an option. Whether it’s deployed in defense systems, aerospace platforms, or harsh industrial settings, this connector delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and durability.

In summary, the Glenair 500-016-M37 is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking a high-quality, versatile, and robust connector that meets the rigorous demands of modern applications. Its superior design, combined with Glenair’s legacy of excellence, makes it a standout product in the connectivity domain.

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