Understanding Different Types of Wiring Harnesses for Automotive Manufacturing

Understanding Different Types of Wiring Harnesses for Automotive Manufacturing

Wiring harnesses are the lifelines of modern vehicles.

They integrate various electronic systems and ensure reliable communication and power distribution throughout the vehicle.

Selecting the right type of wiring harness is crucial for automotive systems’ safety, performance, and durability.

Let’s explore the types of wiring harnesses commonly used in automotive manufacturing and their specific applications.

Key Types of Wiring Harnesses

1. Engine Wiring Harness

Overview: The engine wiring harness connects the engine control unit (ECU) with various engine components, such as sensors, actuators, and ignition systems. It ensures proper engine performance and efficiency.


  • Connecting fuel injectors and sensors
  • Managing ignition systems
  • Integrating with the ECU

Example: This harness ensures the seamless operation of engine components, such as the fuel injection system and the ignition coil, providing reliable engine performance.

2. Chassis Wiring Harness

Overview: The chassis wiring harness integrates the electrical components located on the vehicle’s chassis. It connects systems such as lighting, braking, and suspension control.


  • Connecting headlights, taillights, and indicator lights
  • Integrating brake systems and ABS
  • Managing suspension control systems

Example: The chassis wiring harness connects the brake sensors and actuators, ensuring the anti-lock braking system (ABS) functions correctly for enhanced vehicle safety.

3. Body Wiring Harness

Overview: The body wiring harness connects electrical components located in the vehicle’s body, such as doors, dashboards, and interior lighting. It supports comfort, convenience, and infotainment features.


  • Connecting power windows and door locks
  • Integrating dashboard instruments and controls
  • Managing interior and exterior lighting systems

Example: This harness connects the power window motors and door lock actuators, allowing for seamless operation of these convenience features.

4. HVAC Wiring Harness

Overview: The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) wiring harness connects the various components of the vehicle’s climate control system, ensuring efficient temperature regulation and air circulation.


  • Connecting the blower motor and control panel
  • Integrating temperature sensors and actuators
  • Managing air conditioning and heating elements

Example: The HVAC wiring harness ensures the smooth operation of the climate control system, allowing passengers to adjust the temperature and airflow for comfort.

5. Battery Wiring Harness

Overview: The battery wiring harness connects the vehicle’s battery with various electrical systems, providing power distribution and management. It ensures reliable power supply and battery performance.


  • Connecting the battery to the starter and alternator
  • Distributing power to the vehicle’s electrical systems
  • Integrating with the charging system in electric vehicles (EVs)

Example: This harness connects the battery to the starter motor, ensuring the engine can start reliably every time the ignition key is turned.

6. Infotainment Wiring Harness

Overview: The infotainment wiring harness integrates the vehicle’s entertainment and communication systems. It connects components such as the radio, GPS, and display screens.


  • Connecting audio and video systems
  • Integrating GPS navigation and display screens
  • Managing communication interfaces like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Example: The infotainment wiring harness connects the audio system’s speakers and the head unit, providing clear sound and seamless integration with other multimedia components.

7. Trailer Wiring Harness

Overview: The trailer wiring harness connects the vehicle’s electrical system to the trailer’s lights and braking system. It ensures safe and legal operation of the trailer when towed.


  • Connecting brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights on the trailer
  • Integrating the trailer’s braking system with the vehicle
  • Providing power for trailer accessories

Example: This harness ensures that the trailer’s lights and brakes function correctly, enhancing safety and compliance with road regulations when towing.

Real-Life Story: Enhancing Vehicle Reliability with the Right Wiring Harness

A client of ours, an automotive manufacturer, was developing a new line of SUVs that required robust and reliable wiring harnesses for various systems.

They needed harnesses to withstand harsh conditions, ensure reliable connections, and integrate seamlessly with their advanced electronic systems.

After evaluating their requirements, we recommended a combination of TE Connectivity DEUTSCH DT Series connectors for the engine and chassis wiring harnesses, Molex MX150L Series for the body and infotainment harnesses, and Amphenol AT Series for the HVAC and battery harnesses.

These connectors and harnesses provided the durability, reliability, and ease of installation needed for their SUVs.

We worked closely with their engineering team to integrate these harnesses into their vehicle designs, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.

The result? Their new SUV line launched with robust electrical systems, enhancing vehicle reliability and customer satisfaction.


Selecting the right type of wiring harness is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of automotive electrical systems.

Each type of harness serves specific functions and applications, from engine management and chassis control to infotainment and HVAC systems.

At Serendipity Electronics, we offer a wide range of high-quality wiring harnesses tailored to meet the demanding requirements of automotive applications.

Whether you need harnesses for power distribution, sensor connections, or advanced electronic systems, we have the expertise and products to support your needs.

So, the next time you’re sourcing wiring harnesses for your automotive projects, remember the critical role these components play in vehicle performance and safety.

Let Serendipity Electronics help you choose the best harnesses for your manufacturing needs, ensuring excellence in every vehicle you create.

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