WBENC Incentivized Procurement Services

WBENC Incentivized Procurement Services

Proud partner certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council

As a proud partner certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), we offer specialized incentivized procurement services that allow businesses to consolidate their vendors effectively, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Work With Our Certified WBENC Procurement Team

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Consolidate Your Suppliers

As customers look to streamline internal costs, we offer the ability to consolidate the lower priority vendors and AVL to one supplier – Serendipity.

WBENC Incentivized Procurement

  • We manage “one of” and “C class” suppliers, which can eliminate significant internal purchasing tasks and cost. We can remove 1000’s of unique supplier transactions per year. Customers view such consolidation as a cost savings.
  • Consolidating low value suppliers and paying a nominal mark-up allows our customers to focus on where they can save the larger dollars.
  • Customers pass on to us the supplier cost and we agree on a standard mark up to consolidate and manage the order processing. We may also negotiate a better cost.

Serendipity handles all forecasts through your preferred software system, holds inventory and all logistics for all purchased.

We work with all of your low volume suppliers and handle it all. Forecasts, logistics and inventory management including safety stock.

Support Diversity and Inclusion

Partnering with a WBENC-certified supplier like Serendipity Electronics goes beyond just enhancing your supply chain. It demonstrates a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within your business partnerships. By choosing to work with a women-owned business, you support a more equitable business environment and contribute to the economic growth of underrepresented groups. This alignment with diversity and inclusion goals can enhance your company’s reputation, foster a positive corporate culture, and resonate well with customers, employees, and stakeholders who value corporate social responsibility.

Eligibility for Tax Incentives

Leveraging the services of a WBENC-certified supplier can also provide substantial financial benefits through tax incentives. Many regions offer tax credits and incentives to companies that do business with minority and women-owned businesses. You may qualify for these incentives by partnering with Serendipity Electronics, resulting in significant tax savings. These savings can further enhance the cost-effectiveness of your procurement processes, making it a financially savvy decision in addition to being a socially responsible one.

Benefits of a WBENC Supplier

By partnering with Serendipity Electronics, a WBENC-certified supplier, you gain access to high-quality components and exceptional service and actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive business landscape. This strategic partnership supports your corporate values, enhances your brand image, and provides financial advantages through potential tax incentives, creating a win-win situation for your company.

Enhance Your Procurement Strategy with Serendipity

Choose Serendipity for a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective procurement process. Our WBENC-certified status and dedicated approach to managing supplier relationships allow you to reduce costs, support diversity, and focus on strategic business areas.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help simplify your procurement processes, reduce costs, and contribute to your diversity initiatives.

Our Services

Learn more about what Serendipity has to offer.

Global Sourcing

Our team searching globally for your requested parts.

Shortage Mitigation

Strategic sourcing of hard-to-find inventory.

Obsolesence Management

Proactive lifecycle management for end-of-life components.

Diversity Sourcing

Manage supply chain through diversity sourcing.

PPV Assessment

Helping you lower current component costs.

VMI Services

Procuring, storing & delivering all your inventory requirements.

Surplus Inventory

Maximize inventory value recovery and minimize associated costs

Component Authentication

Ensure your components are authentic and safe.